4 Incredibly Easy Ways To Start Investing In Real Estate


Investing in real estate is an important life decision. A lot of expert advice is needed for informed decision-making. You have to get this straight: Investing is a big game. If you play by the rule, you save yourself from heartbreaks and plunge towards multiple dividends. But if you run it off track, you can burn your entire lifetime capital overnight. You don’t take such uncalculated risk if you want to jump into real estate investing. Smart real estate investors fold their sleeves to first understand how the market runs before they cast their capital. That’s exactly what you should do if you have in mind to start out in this business, so you can earn huge dividends. Let’s say you want to start today, these 5 snippets will help you.

1.Do Your Research

Assuming you are keen on the real estate business, and you want to invest smartly, you have to wear your research lens and dig it out. There are different stages to source the information you want. Part of these stages includes digging your head into the internet to search it out. For example, if you’re in Nigeria, and desires to have a real estate property in Lagos Island, say, Lekki , to be precise, you have to dig through and know what is available, the price fix, the location of the property, the conditions of the property, the terms of purchase and the likes.

Apart from your online digging, there are stages you have to reach down to the location – or send a friend to go investigate the property. It may be stressful, but these wouldn’t only confirm the veracity of the property, but will also reveal more details regarding the property which you may be unaware of, hence saving you from any potential trace of swindling. You’ll thank yourself you did. The first rule remains to research. Do it.

2.Assemble Your Capital

Based on what you’ve learned from your research, it is now the time to get your capital ready – if you’re not. If your entire capital is down, you’re gamed. But if you don’t have the capital all in bulk, it’s now the time to decide how to raise them. You have to conclude how to raise your capital. Whether from your savings, or from your friends, family, or maybe taking a loan through financial establishments, you have to decide, so you can make a plan on how to go about it. However, if you have your capital on the ground, it’s time to take the bold step to the next stage.

3.Get The Details Right

While you’re out to throw in your capital to secure your real estate property, be mindful not to go into business with unreliable agents. It’s advisable to seek the counsel of a real estate agent, backing it up with a legal advisor. As a first-time investor, there are some clauses in real estate you may find difficult to interpret and understand, but with these major guns in your arsenals, you’re protected. They will ensure everything is figured out accurately, from the bulky to the details, all in your interests. Don’t be chickened out by their service fee. It’s better to pay to hire them and get it right, than to ignore their services, and pay through your nose later – because of sheer neglect. Think.

4.Know The Law:

In Nigeria for example, possessing your own property is one of the freedoms of a Nigerian. Be that as it may, the 1978 Land Use Act gives state legislatures command over land inside their states. They then, at that point, make it accessible to you after a detailed and regulatory exchange. To utilize the land, for example, sell it or develop it, you will get a certificate of occupancy. You have to know the right processes involved to actualize these.


5.Be Futuristic

If you intend to buy a real estate property – say a land – and you discover that the location where your property of interest is as of now is not yet urbanized, but secured, and have the tendency of attracting the eyes of the people in few years to develop in years to come, you can give your future a think. Remember, real estate investments will definitely appreciate with time, according to Investopedia. The same property you acquire with a small amount, you stand a chance to sell it for millions, far beyond what you bought it for. Ensure you don’t neglect to focus on the long-term goal.

In Conclusion

In reality, when it comes to investing in real estate, in Nigeria, the best choices are the ones that will definitely give you what you desire, hence, you need to take it as seriously as anything. Think about your time, capital, your interest, and your future goals regarding the real estate business. You don’t need a loss. You just need the best results, the way smart real estate investors do it. You may want to think about hiring a real estate agent to shorten the curve for you, and drastically increase the chances of success. Reach out to us here.


By Udo Davis

Udo is a seasoned and highly experienced Real Estate expert. He holds a Higher National Diploma in Estate Management from the Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri, Imo State in 2000 and a registered member of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV).

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