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Our team is hands-on when it comes to visiting the sites for approval to make sure that all properties are in good condition, location, and perfect view before showing it to the clients. We also work continually to interpret and act upon economic forces affecting the Nigerian real estate industry.


Real Estate Services

Your real estate needs from Lagos spreading across Nigeria are our reason for existence. It is our main focus to help you discover refined living without unnecessary stress. Refined living is guaranteed for you

Property Management

No one size fits all. Newera Homes’s property management service is customized to your specific unique requirements. Our ultimate goal is to help you discover refined living with peace of mind. We don’t compromise on your home security, property maintenance, technology integration, and necessary refurbishments

Property Development

You can trust Newera Homes for your property development needs from buying a property, developing a property, listing it for sale, or renting it out to worthy tenants. We remain committed to you even if buying an old property, upgrading it, then selling or putting it up for rent. We are ready if entails developing an estate

Tenant Coordination

Newera Homes will take away from you, the headache of coordinating the management of the tenants. We will take care of all administration, manage bills and staff while helping you negotiate the best cost-effective real estate service solutions.

Cost Estimation

The accuracy and reliability of costing can make or mar any property investment project. Get the most reliable real estate cost estimation services for your property needs. It is our duty to make sure a proper cost estimation represents all costs necessary for project competition according to the stipulated time.

Conceptual Scheduling

Real estate development involves a lot of steps that are very complicated for non-professionals. It will usually take years before a project comes to a conclusion. With Newera Homes involved in the conceptual planning, the risks and obstacles will be mitigated.

Town Planning

Town planning is a continuously ever-changing process dictated by government policies, development proposals, and new local needs. We have the ability to get involved in controlling existing or new developments as well as implement the strategy for future requirements of a new urban area.

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10 UNITS OF Newly Built 4 Bedroom Terrace Duplexes With A Room Bq in Secured Environment in Lagos, Nigeria.

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